Frequently Asked Questions

Whats up man?

Not much, just suping up my DeLorean trying to get it to go 88mph.

Will you do the dishes?

Ok, but I should remind you that I've done them the last three times.

I was wondering if you can paint a portrait of me and my wife but instead of my wife I want you to paint Voltron and instead of my hands I want a machete on one side and nunchucks on the other, can you do that?

Now you're talking!

Would you rather have to eat live scorpions and tarantulas every meal of everyday for the rest of your life or have your bottom lip pulled up over the top of your head and stapled to the back of your neck and the only way to eat was to drink liquified food through a straw.

Is there a way I can pick both? Because they are both sounding pretty good right now.

I'm sick of this will you stop already?

Give me just a few more minutes.



ricky allman stats

born: provo, ut 1978
wives: 1
height: 5'7"
weight: 255 update! 155
eyes/hair/beard: brown
kids: 2
tattoos: 0
rodeo trophies: 0
ricky allman